New Windows Media Center idea?

Been thinking about taking Windows Media Centre (Or to our US cousins, Media Center) to a new level. Having used WMC since Windows XP Media Center Edition and now Windows 7 Media Center with a pair of Linksys Windows Media Center Extenders, its really frustrating and sad to hear Microsoft won’t be supporting Media Center anymore.

What we need is a shiny, sexy new media center box which will replace the following:

TV Tuners
Windows Media Center GUI
WMC Extenders

The objective would be to incorporate all of the above into a sleek unit with the following spec:

4 – 8 Channel TV Digital (DVB-T2 in the UK) tuner with one TV aerial input
Low wattage power usage
Watch Live or Recorded TV, music, photos, videos
Play Full HD content (4K in later models)
Simple, clear GUI
Smart TV Hub to play online content including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, Now TV, LoveFilm, NetFlix, etc
Availability of adding apps to Smart TV Hub
HDMI output to TV
USB 3.0 ports to external storage (Ext. USB hard drive or NAS) Plus play USB storage content on USB stick
Ability to record TV content and store into the cloud
Gigabit Ethernet port
Wireless 802.11ac/n option
TV remote controller via smartphone app. AKA control your MC via your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone.

A nice to have option would be something similar to PiP or dual tasking windows like a Surface tablet, where the viewer can watch TV on the larger window and tweet on a smaller window next to it.

Finally the ability to transmit this content via Extender boxes to other rooms in the house. Giving other household users the same ability to watch live or recorded TV in full HD (1080p) or in the near future 4K TV content.

Who’s interested in making this happen? Please comment below.

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