Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Review – Day #1

So what’s my first day thoughts with using the Surface Pro tablet?

Easy to setup on the corporate network and sync with my Windows ID account. Sync’ed my network settings so it connected to my wireless networks with me typing in the password. Smart.

Found after using an iPad 2, that the Surface Pro is not comfortable to hold for any length of time. It gets a little warm after awhile but nothing to worry about.

The first couple of hours were spent getting use to the Windows 8 gestures. Like how do you close apps. I had to Google that one. Then I found that you naturally use your left and right thumbs to operate the side swipes to bring forward the app list and use the dual window pane views.

Installing Office 2013 was simple as Windows 8 recognises ISOs and therefore allows you to click on the file to open the content as you would on a DVD. Had to get use to using Outlook 2013 on the Surface Pro. Some things don’t work very well with touch like copying the content of a note within Outlook or using paste to insert an activation key for the Office install. I had to use the virtual keyboard to action ctrl + v for paste.

I found two Windows Store bugs, one of which shows that I have 12 app updates but I can’t click on it to start the installation like on a normal Windows 8 desktop or laptop. The other bug is when you go into an app to view, the back arrow button doesn’t work to return you into the home page of the store. Swiping the option from the top to bring up home and my apps links produces the same issue.

Internet Explorer in desktop mode is frustrating with touch. The tab cross is so small that you end up hitting the new tab instead. At one point I had eight tabs open from trying to shut down one tab.

The screen is gorgeous and the battery life is not too bad. Maybe 5 hours ish? I’ve yet to use the touch keyboard and the pen.

More comments tomorrow on my daily usage with the Microsoft Surface Pro tablet.

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