Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Review – Day #2

At first glance, the touch option can be a fiddle when you are using it in desktop mode. This is where the type cover keyboard and Surface Pro pen come in handy.
Microsoft Surface Pro with Type Cover Keyboard and Pen

When you are having to login with a complex password, it is so much easier with the type keyboard. I heard from other reviews that the touch covers were not practical if you wanted to use the surface pro for productivity purposes so I opted for the Surface type keyboard.

Type Cover Keyboard for Surface Tablet

The type keyboard has a nice feel and of course is dead simple to attach to the base of the Surface Pro tablet. There is a little touchpad for times when you need a bit more control with the cursor arrow around the screen. I would highly recommend the type keyboard if you intent to do any serious typing with it.

One bug I found from detaching the type keyboard was that the virtual keyboard stopped popping up. I had to use the accessibility virtual keyboard to log back into the start screen. At this point, I thought I better check for updates, It found around 20 updates including a firmware update. Once those updates downloaded and installed, my keyboard came back.

The other great thing that turns the Surface Pro into a fantastic business productivity tool is the pen stylus.
Surface Pro Pen Stylus

The pen is actually is very useful. I found I could finally use OneNote to it’s true potential, handwriting notes with ease. Since OneNote launched many years ago I have waited for the perfect scenario of a Windows based tablet and pen stylus. This ticks all the boxes.

The other great use for the pen is of course within Word 2013. I found in the past I had to use an iPad signature app to get my signature onto a Word document. Not any more, I can handwrite straight onto Word and save it. Voila! No messing around, downloading from dropbox to the signature app, save it and upload back to dropbox.

Surface Pro, Pen with OneNote

That’s all for day 2 of my Surface Pro tablet review. Back again tomorrow for day 3.

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