Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Review – Day #3

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet Review – Day 3.

So I’ve been using my Microsoft Surface Pro tablet for the third day now. One thing I noticed is the weight gain over the iPad 2 I have.

Surface Pro vs iPad 2 Surface Pro vs iPad 2 dimensions

Sorry for the quality of the above pictures. I wanted to give a real world image of using the two tablets side by side. The Surface Pro has the type cover keyboard while the iPad 2 has a belkin folding cover like the Apple version. the noticeable difference is not so much the dimensions but the weight for the two tablets. As I mentioned on day 1, the Surface Pro is heavy when you compare it against the iPad. Enough to stop you holding it with one hand for long periods. the kickstand is useful but I wish Microsoft had given you more angles to select depending on your scenario.


The small power supply has an extra 5W USB port so you can charge another device at the same time.
Surface Pro Power Supply with USB Port

The Surface Pro widescreen is brilliant for surfing the web, writing on Word, doodling your ideas onto OneNote and catching up at night with BBC iPlayer. The colours are vivid and the display is sharp on the 10.6″ 12820 x 1080 pixels screen.

On the Microsoft Surface support website, it states that the Micro SD is located just under the integrated Kickstand. On my version, the slot is above the charger connector on the top right of the screen.

Micro SD slot on the Surface Pro Tablet

One thing I do love about the Surface Pro is how fast it starts up from cold and also from standby. 10 seconds from standby to the start login screen. Very handy when you need to get an idea on OneNote or check your emails quickly.

That’s it for another day. Please re-visit to read my review of the Surface Pro tablet on day 4.

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